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Our Mission

At Wonder Years it is our mission to provide a safe, nurturing and secure child care centre at all times. We strive to ensure that each child’s developmental needs are being met and fostered by implementing their interests and learning styles into our daily programming. It is our mission to provide an environment that is rich in purpose and experience, and to inspire, motivate and empower children to meet their full learning potential. We will achieve this by implementing the Four Foundations Of Early Learning. 

Our Vision

Wonder Years strives to provide a safe, playful, inviting and reflective environment for children, families and educators.

Our Curriculum

Play-based learning is a curriculum approach that views play as a way children make sense of their world and everything around them. Children do some of their best learning as they

make choices, take risks, make mistakes, explore new ideas and have fun. Play provides a meaningful context for active, engaged learning. Play contributes to children’s physical,

cognitive, and social and emotional development, from problem solving and creativity to self-regulation skills to the management of stress and other strong emotions. Children have many opportunities throughout the day to choose materials and initiate their own activities.

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